Marvel Comics – WordPress #8

Comics have always been a popular form of reading and entertainment. It was an invention that became popular through all ages, young, and old, and quickly acquired a household name. The Marvel comic book was originally founded in 1939, and was actually named Timely comics. Like Marvel today, the original timely comics featured mostly superheroes, many of which still exist today. The first comic known was Captain America, appropriately named during the time of World War Two. Having a character like this (and a storyline that ran parallel to current history), really attracted readers for the comic books. Of course styles and characters changed as the war progressed. During this time, Timely comics changed their name to Atlas comics. The themes then changed from war to horror – quite the change of theme. After being criticized politically, they had to change their identity once again. Although this might have been a negative time for the comic company, the heroes of the book were now transformed into more modern, revamped versions of themselves that caught the public’s eye. These new heroes were featured in stories that had more emotional and personal background stories in them, which made them more attractive to a broader audience. Finally, Marvel Comics came about in 1961, and debuted their new name with the Fantastic Four, which featured four different super heroes with certain themes and super powers. The fantastic four are still around today. The founders of Marvel are Vijay Rajkumar and Martin Goodman. My favorite superhero is the hulk. I’m not quite sure why, but I like the fact that he has so much power, and isnt too complicated. Some super heroes have multiple powers, and the hulk pretty much destroys everything in its path, but at the same time has a kind side to him which makes the story relatable. Though I am not a huge comic person, there was a Hulk movie that came out a few years ago, which definitely marketed comics in a different way. of course there have been spiderman and batman movies as well, but the hulk really stood out to me. Its very interesting to see a small idea like comics evolve into a monopoly and huge form of entertainment many years later.


The Chinese Dragon – WordPress #6

In Chinese culture, there are many prevalent symbols that define the chinese culture. The chinese dragon has been a significant part of Chinese culture since the year 3000 B.C. The dragon is said to represent happiness, immorality, procreation, fertility, and activity. They are believed to ward off evil spirits. There are different types of dragons: the horned dragon, the winged dragon, the celestial dragon (supports and protects the Gods mansions), the spiritual dragon (generates wind and rain for the benefit of mankind), the dragon of hidden treasures (keeps guard over wealth), the coiling dragon (lives in water), and the yellow dragon. These dragons usually consist of parts from nine animals. The horns of a deer, the head of a camel, the eyes of a devil, the neck of a snake, the abdomen of a large cockle, the scales of a carp, the claws of an eagle, the paws of a tiger, and the ears of an ox.  The Chinese New Year is the most popular festival that the chinese dragon is displayed in. There is a huge parade and celebration for the new year. China isn’t the only country that has the dragon as a symbol. The country of Wales actually has a red dragon on their flag, which is quite interesting. It shows that such a well known symbol (of china), is, and can also be used for other countries as a symbol of luck and power.

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Newseum – WordPress #5

Although I had been to the Newseum before, It was nice to get a fresh perspective this time around. The last time I went, I was still in high school, and looked at the different exhibits just as they are. Now that I am in college, and have been studying visual literacy, I can now appreciate the artwork, photographs, and historical artifacts on a completely different level. My favorite exhibit is the Pulitzer Prize exhibit. This exhibit shows hundreds of photographs throughout history that have won a Pulitzer prize due to their exceptional power to grab the viewers attention and tell a story through emotion in one single photo. Many of the photos there sent chills up my spine – most are photos taken at extremely rare moments – most shocking, gut wrenching, but there are some that put a smile on my face, and made me think, “wow, photography is a powerful thing!” The photo that first caught my eye was the photo of President Obama making what seems to be a speech, in the rain. It might have been because the photo was one of the few in color, but the photo (like all the others), has much emotion – the president of the united states is standing in the rain, this can be symbolic because it shows that no matter the condition, he is standing there – much like the current condition of the US economy – we are in a stormy period, but we are still united, and still sanding as one.

Propaganda – WordPress #4

For this post, which has to do with propaganda, I thought of a certain topic that would be frown upon. The first thing I thought of was smoking. I then thought, ok, how can I convince my audience to think smoking is cool? I found a photo of a superhero smoking, and right away I knew that it would be a perfect image to use as propaganda. Many people (mostly the younger crowd) look up to super heroes, which is what many cigarette companies would target. I think the bright colors in this photo would also attract attention to the focus of the poster as well.

USA Triumphs Over Brazil – WordPress #3

Although this image isn’t too “historical,” as a large soccer fan, it has a lot of significance. The Women’s World Cup took place this past summer. The USA had one of their worst records leading up to this game against Brazil. In soccer, there are two halves, 45 minutes each. If the game is tied after those two halves are played, the game will continue into extra time, where there are two 15 minute halves. If there is still a tie, or no score, the game then is brought to penalty kicks. This game led to extra time, where Brazil took the lead, and everyone (including myself), was certain this was the end of the road for the USA. It was the 121 minute, just seconds away from the whistle (leaving Brazil to win), when midfielder Megan Rapinoe hit a cross into the goal box right to star, Abby Wambach’s head. The ball barely past the defender, barely past the goal keeper, and it was a goal. That is what this picture captures. The look of anticipation in the crowd, and the look on the faces of the Brazilian players really makes this photo great. Of course, seeing the match in person really can make this picture make more sense, and capture more passion, but I think even if you aren’t a soccer fan, you can really see how great of a moment this was for soccer fans. Though the USA went on to lose against Japan in the World Cup Final, this was a moment in soccer that will go down in history for years to come. This photo (although I am biased), gets a 10/10. I think the color is vibrant and the timing of the shot couldn’t have been more perfect. /End Soccer Rant 🙂

Washington DC – WordPress #1

I took this photo the other day. It was a nice bright sunny day in DC, though it could be hard to see that in this photo. I took and chose this photo for this post because it was a cool photo of the ice rink set up in the national mall. Though it would have been prettier in color, the black and white adds a more wintery feel to the scene.